NYC Beer Week 2017 SMaSH BREW(Single State Malt and Single State Hop)

15 Brewers from around NYC picked one malt and one hop from a couple of their favorite NY State farms, then each made a unique beer with them. The proportions varied, and every recipe was different, but each brewery had to use only the one malt and one hop. Yeast, conditioning,  and brewer’s flair were the wild cards. With beers ranging from Belgian Saisons to Imperial IPAs, this project should surely bring a unique “Taste” to NYC Beer Week.

Malt Used:
Pale Ale, NY Craft Malt, Batavia NY

Hop Used:
Cascade, Willet Hop & Grain, Willet NY

Below is the 2017 SMaSH Beer Lineup:

Big Alice – “Biggie” Belgian Barleywine, 12% and “Smalls” Belgian Golden, 5.4% (Parti-Gyle)
Bridge and Tunnel Brewery – “Behind the Garage Doors” Belgian Pale Ale, Collaboration with Blind Bat Brewery, 5%
Coney Island Brewery – “Infectious Smile” Oak Aged Kettle Soured Ale, 4.8%
Greenpoint Beer & Ale – “Fingers Crossed” Pale Ale, 6%
Gun Hill – “Echo Location” Pale Ale, 5%
KCBC  – “1st Dimension” Dry English Ale, 5% and “2nd Dimension” Sacch Trois Pale Ale, 5%
Keg & Lantern – Pale Ale, 5.1%
KelSo – “Something Ugly This SMaSH Comes” Session IPL, Collaboration with Greenport Harbor, 6%
Lineup Brewing – “N Train to 36th” Pale Ale, 5%
Rockaway Brewing Co – “All the Words” Half Sour Kolsch, 3.5%
Sixpoint – “NYC SMaSH Ale” Kolsch, 5%
Strong Rope Brewery – “Falling Squirrel in the City” Strong Ale, 7.6%
The Bronx Brewery – “Not A Brewer, We Just SMaSH A Lot” IPA Short-Aged in Barrels With Palo Santo and Amburana Wood, 6.5%
Transmitter – “NY5” Red Wine Barrel Fermented Saison
Waretega – “Prima #004” Light Ale, 5.5%


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