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Harlem Blue

Being from Harlem is more than the way you dress, shake hands, walk or talk. It beyond one’s outward appearance, . . . although that’s part of it. It’s more of a point of view. How you approach the world, while representing yourself. Recognizing real from fake. True flavor from pretend. We call it being True to the City.

Harlem Blue is a new startup beer company, re-presenting the boldness, pride, and flavor of its namesake community. Launched by Julian Riley, a Harlemite with a love of craft beer and his local community, Harlem Blue will be the first new production brewery in Harlem since Prohibition. Producing beers that are robust and well-balanced, Harlem Blue celebrates the relentless energy and ambition of Harlem. And we love to socialize.

Inspired by a Harlem brownstone speakeasy that operated during Prohibition, it is said that whenever a fresh batch of their local housebrew was tapped, they’d put on the blue light out front to let everyone know. That’s ballsy, and represents true pride. Even if a bit lawless. That Blue Light is our foundation stone.

Exclusively available at likeminded bars and restaurants throughout NYC. Introducing bottles in summer 2017. Taste us. Love us. Support us. @harlembluebeer

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