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The Harlem Brewing Company story starts about 86 years ago. Legend has it that during Prohibition a special beer was being made Uptown in Harlem that was the rave! During the early years of the Harlem Renaissance, this secret brew could be found in Speakeasies and after hours spots all over Harlem. It was said to be the brew of choice for the many great musicians and artists that flourished in Harlem at that time. As alcohol was illegal during prohibition this beer was brewed in secret, a well-preserved African tradition handed down from generation to generation. (It is not widely known that beer has an ancient history that dates back hundreds of years in Africa and that many tribes brought that tradition to the shores of the US as early as the 1600s).

Sugar Hill Beer brings you that authentic delicious, unique taste Harlemites loved during the Renaissance. The brand's beginnings in recent history took place in the spring of 1996 when we sat down to swing the brews and create a truly unique beer recipe with A Taste of the Harlem Experience. After a series of very intense jam sessions (meaning practice, research and more practice) lasting days, weeks and a couple of years, we finally mastered the art of the brew, balancing our water, hops, barley, and yeast.

We also went on tour (beer that is) hopping planes, trains and automobiles from Cooperstown, NY to Europe and on to Africa. With your support, Sugar Hill has gained local and international praise. Through the many distribution challenges, several out of state launches, recipe tweaking, and ongoing shelf and bar space wars “Sugar Hill beer lovers continue to tell us to just keep brewing!" Named for that swinging Harlem neighborhood made famous by musicians in the 30s, Sugar Hill Golden Ale sings with flavor!

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